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What are my expected treatment cost?

Ketamine infusions are currently not reimbursed by insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. While we hope this soon changes, we feel the prices we charge reflect the personalized plan and care you will receive from initial consultation through your series of infusions. Each infusion treatment will be administered by a board certified anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience in ketamine administration.

Treatment plan
  • Initial psychiatric consult- $250 (prior to infusions)
  • Ketamine infusions (totaling 6 over several weeks)- $500/each
  • Post infusion psychiatric followup (2+ weeks after last treatment)- no charge
Bundled treatment fee is $3250
Some patients find that additional infusions after their initial therapy will help maintain their steady state.

We accept cash, bank/cashiers check, or credit card for our services