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About Indy Advanced Therapeutics

There has been a proliferation of ketamine clinics throughout the United States due to the overwhelming success of using ketamine to treat mental health disorders. Indy Advanced Therapeutics provides evidence based treatment for major depressive disorder, PTSD, and multiple other psychiatric diagnoses. We specialize in the use of ketamine infusions, which have been shown to work faster and more effectively than traditional medication therapy. Through evidence based studies and practical application, the use of ketamine to treat these disorders is promising.

Our model of diagnosis and treatment provides the ideal patient care experience. What makes us different? We are one of the few ketamine infusion centers that is owned and operated by both board certified anesthesiologists and a board certified psychiatrist. We utilize a team approach that provides proper diagnosis, exacting treatment algorithm, and vigilant care during infusions and the entire treatment cycle.

The initial evaluation is provided by a board-certified psychiatrist or other mental health. This will ensure that the patient is a good candidate for infusion therapy and that there are no concerning risk factors. The infusion therapy sessions will be provided by one of our three anesthesiologists. Utilizing medical professionals in the roles they are specifically trained for provides a safe and personalized treatment plan. Unfortunately, few centers with this structure exist. Let us show you the compassionate care you deserve and help you achieve your best health.

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